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Reseller Questions

article Are there any complied texts available to assist me?
Yes, we can supply you with a generic CPanel...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1200   
article Are there any hidden charges with your reseller accounts?
No, there are not. We charge only for upgrades...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1289   
article Are there any setup fees for reseller accounts?
No, there is never a setup fee for reseller...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1613   
article As a reseller, how much control do I have over my resold accounts?
When you signup as a reseller, your primary...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1874   
article Can I host unlimited domains?
No unfortunately we actively limit the number...

  10-6-2004    Views: 1784   
article Can I resell the reseller plan? Can I have my own resellers?
Yes you can resell our Reseller Packages to...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 3888   
article Can I upgrade my Reseller Plan, in the future if I want to?
Yes you can upgrade your package at any time in...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 3407   
article Do I get my own private name servers ( ,
Yes you do, with no extra charge. Or, if you...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1285   
article Do I have to resell to have a reseller account?
Absolutely not! :)The multiple domain account...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 2625   
article Do you provide personalized name servers for true anonymity?
Yes! We can activate personalized name servers...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1201   
article Does Alpine Hosting handle the billing for my clients?
You are responsible for billing your own...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1762   
article Does my main account count against the allotted disk space and bandwidth?
Yes it does, but with the generous disk quota's...

  10-6-2004    Views: 1341   
article Fantastico? What is it? Do we get it?
Fantastico De Luxe is the leading auto...

  10-6-2004    Views: 1233   
article How do I promote my web site services?
Alpine Hosting only provides you with the...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1724   
article How does your Reseller Program operate?
We offer the most unique and advanced approach...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1223   
article How exactly does the Reseller plan work?
Each reseller plan receives an allotment of...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 2819   
article How long does it take for my account to be set up?
From the time you complete the your order in...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1377   
article Is it easy to upgrade my account to another plan?
Yes it is. Even if the upgrade requires a...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1910   
article What are the benefits of a reseller account?
A reseller account allows you the freedom of...

  10-6-2004    Views: 1459   
article What CPanel skins do you offer?
We currently offer 3 variations of the CPanel X...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1306   
article What happens if I go over my disk space or bandwidth allotment? Will my site or my customer's sites be shutdown?
If this happens, we will contact you. We do not...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1436   
article What if, as a reseller, one of MY clients breaks your rules?
We will suspend the account of the rule...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1442   
article What's the difference between regular hosting and reseller hosting accounts?
The difference is, with a reseller account, you...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1423   
article Will Alpine Hosting provide support to my clients?
No, you are responsible for supporting your...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 1900   
article Will my clients know I am a reseller for Alpine Hosting?
Alpine Hosting will remain in the background...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 2532   
article With the my clients domains in the Reseller accounts, does each account get it's own control panel?
Yes, each account is a full featured hosting...

(No rating)  10-6-2004    Views: 3179   

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