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Co-location refers to the practice of housing a server in a location which does not belong to the servers owner.
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Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion is a scripting language used on web pages to interface with. MS Access, dBASE, FoxPro, and Paradox databases. If you use Cold Fusion, you will usually need a host which uses an NT operating system.
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Compression "squeezes" files to save space and transmission time.
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Data or information can be inputted into a computer and processed in a number of ways. The smallest element of data is called a bit.
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Data Transfer
This is the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer with your account. If your web site has a large number of visitors, you will need more data transfer.
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A collection of data organised & designed for easy access. A collection of customer names & addresses may form the content of a database.
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Data decompression is used to restore compressed data to its original form.
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Digital Certificate
Digital certificates (also called Secure Server IDs) are like virtual electronic fingerprints. Each one is unique and can be used to positively identify the person or object (e.g. a company's Internet server), who owns the certificate by the information contained within it. That information can be trusted, because it is digitally 'signed' by a trusted Certification Authority who check the authenticity of the information to be included in the certificate before they issue it. Digital Certificates provide the proof of identity and deliver critical elements of security which are vital to establish the trust needed to conduct safe communications and transactions with customers, suppliers, partners and employees.
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Domain Name System. The Internet database system that transforms a domain name ( an Internet address (IP address: Domain names are designed to be easily read and remembered by humans. Alternatively, computers prefer handling numbers. The DNS systems can easily covert the Internet address number to standard alphabetic symbols, which computer users can understand more readily.
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Domain name
Locates an organisation on the Internet using an easily remembered name and handle rather than numbers of the IP address. Domain names are issued by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States. They come in different extensions based on whether the domain is a commercial enterprise (.com), an educational establishment (.edu), a government body (.gov), the military (.mil), a network (.net), or a non-profit organization (.org). Each country also has its own extension as part of the domain name hierarchy -, etc.
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The process in which data is sent to your computer usually via the Internet. The opposite of this process is uploading where information is sent to another computer.
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Duplex (Half/Full)
Used to describe the way modems and network cards exchange data either in half or full duplex modes. With half duplex transmissions, only one modem can send data at a time. Full duplex transmissions allow both modems to send data simultaneously.
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Electronic Commerce is defined as the exchange of goods, services or funds over the Internet. Any monetary transaction which takes place online is e-commerce. Ecommerce enabled sites usually have special requirements which other sites do not have.
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Email, or Electronic Mail is a way of sending electronic messages to other people, across the Internet, from your PC.
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Developed by Xerox, Digital and Intel, this is the most widely used Local Area Network access standard. Ethernet is a relatively simple and inexpensive networking standard and, hence its popularity. On an Ethernet, each computer checks to see if another computer is transmitting and waits its turn to transmit. If two computers accidentally transmit at the same time and their messages collide, they wait and send again in turn. Normally, all stations on an Ethernet network segment share the total bandwidth, which is 10Mbs (Ethernet), 100Mbs (Fast Ethernet) or 1000Mbs (Gigabit Ethernet). With Switched Ethernet, each sender and receiver pair has the full bandwidth.
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Frequently Asked Questions. Many newsgroups, mailing lists and some WWW sites have an FAQ list which is posted regularly. FAQ's prevent newsgroup members from having to individually answer common questions.
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Data is stored in the form of a file. There are two types of files, namely program files that contain instructions to a PC to perform certain tasks, and data files, which contain only information.
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File Server
A file server is a computer that provides network stations with controllable access to shared resources. The network operating system is loaded on the file server. The file server controls system security and monitors station-to-station communications.
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A combination of specialised hardware & software designed to keep unauthorised users on the Internet, from accessing information within a private network of computers.
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The Internet equivalent of verbal abuse.
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Follow Up
A reply to a USENET newsgroup article (post).
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Front Page
Microsoft FrontPage is a popular web site creation tool.
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File Transfer Protocol. An Internet protocol which defines how files are transferred from one computer to another.
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Graphics Interchange Format. A graphics file format created by the CompuServe online information service. GIF's work across platforms (Mac, PC and UNIX). Most Web browsers can display images saved in the GIF format.
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A gigabyte consists of roughly 1 billion bytes. There are exactly 1024MB or 1,073,741,824 bytes in a gigabyte. Today, large size hard disks can easily store many Gigabytes. Abbreviated GB.
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