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A Gopher site has a hierarchically organized collection of documents, usually readable text files.
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Graphics Accelerator
A graphics accelerator is a hardware device that performs the task of plotting lines and surfaces in two or three dimensions, filling, shading and hidden line removal.
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Hosting Company
A company which provides web space to individuals and other companies.
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Hypertext Mark-up Language. This language is used to create web page documents. Also known as hypertext documents, web pages must obey to the rules of the HTML language in order to be displayed correctly in a web browser. HTML is based on a list of tags that describe the format and what is displayed on web pages.
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Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used to transfer and retrieve data over the World Wide Web. Most URL's on the WWW start with http://
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A device that is used to network multiple computers together. It is a central connection for all the computers in a network, which is usually Ethernet-based. Information sent to the hub can flow to any other computer on the network.
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Hyperlinks are the colour-underlined words or phrases you click in web document to access another screen or page. Hyperlinks contain HTML-coded references that point to other web pages, at which your browser then collects.
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A graphic symbol used in a computer program to represent an object or process.
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A global network of networks, all using the common communication protocol Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Originated in 1969 during the Cold War, the Internet was primarily used for military purposes financed from the U.S. Defence Department. Today, there are over 70 million users that access the Internet.
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An intranet is a restricted-access network that works like the Web but is not actually connected to the Internet. Owned and set up by a corporation, an intranet enables a company to share its resources with its employees without confidential information being made available to everyone with Internet access.
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IP address
Internet Protocol address. This address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a computer on the Internet. These numbers are usually shown in groups separated by periods, for example All computers on the Internet must have an IP address.
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IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
The live chat area of the Internet in which real time conversations between two or more people take place in virtual "rooms" or channels.
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Integrated Services for Digital Networks. An international telecommunications standard able to carry voice, video and data simultaneously. ISDN allows wide bandwidth digital transmission using the standard public switching telephone network. Under ISDN, a phone call can transfer 64 kilobits of digital data per second.
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Internet Service Provider. A company which provides other companies or Internet users with access to the Internet. Most ISPs are also Internet Access Providers (IAP) that provide extra services include help with design, creation and administration of World-Wide Web sites, and training of administration of intranets. The majority of ISPs have a three main network servers including mail, news and web and consist of modems attached to a permanent, high-speed Internet connections. Subscribers dial into the local network to gain Internet access.
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Internet Service Provider's Association.
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A computer programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Similar to C/C++, it's structured around classes instead of functions. It is often used for programming applets, which are small programs that can be embedded in web sites. It is efficient and easy-to-use language.
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A kilobyte contains 1,024 bytes. A thousand bytes is roughly a kilobyte. Abbreviated as Kb.
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meters. 10BaseT Ethernet is the most commonly used form of LAN. A hub serves as a common wiring point, enabling data to be sent from one machine to another over the network.
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An area of a hypertext document which, when selected, will take the user to another document or resource. On the World Wide Web, a link (often underlined) is usually a URL pointing to a file, document, site, image, or another page.
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Developed by Linus Torvalds and freely distributed, Intel-processor-based disk operating systems alternative to Unix. Linux is currently gaining immense popularity due to its networking and multitasking capabilities. Linux is available from a number of vendors for several hardware platforms, including Intel x86 DEC Alpha, Sun Sparc, and Motorola PowerPC. Caldera, Debian and Red Hat are popular distributions of Linux.
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Software that automatically manages a mailing list, receiving posts and follow ups and sending groups of them out to all subscribers of the list.
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Generic term for information transported on the Internet using one of the various mail protocols. Often used to distinguish mail from news.
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Mailing List
A topic-oriented conference like a USENET newsgroup except that the messages are distributed by private e-mail. Typically, the Internet user would subscribe to a list by sending e-mail to the Listserv. Messages in the group arrive in the users' mailbox, and posts and follow ups are sent to the Listserv to be forwarded on to other members of the group.
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A unit of measure consisting of 1024Kb (kilobytes). Abbreviated as Mb
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MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension)
An extension that lets you transmit non-text data (like graphics, audio, video) via e-mail.
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