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A specialized programming language for sending queries to databases.
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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an open protocol for securing data communications across networks. Secure Web sites (where you can confidently enter credit card details, personal details, etc.) are indicated by the key at the bottom of your browser (normally broken) being joined together.
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"Jumping" or navigating from site to site on the Internet.
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A leased-line connection capable of carrying data at 1,544,000 bits-per-second.
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A leased-line connection capable of carrying data at 44,736,000 bits-per-second.
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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The communications protocol used by the Internet. TCP/IP is in fact two protocols that work together.
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The command and program used to login from one Internet site to another. Telnet gets you to the login prompt of another host.
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A thread is a collection of articles within a Newsgroup that follow the same subject.
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A powerful multi-user, multiprocessor operating system developed by AT&T. It exists in various forms and is the predominant operating system used office mainframes and by servers on the Internet.
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To move a file from one computer to another, usually from a local machine to a host.
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Uniform Resource Locator. An address that identifies web documents on the Internet. eg is the URL for Alpine Hosting.
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Today's latest modem standard specification, which brought to an end a yearlong 56Kbit/s standards battle between the rival proprietary X2 and K56Flex standards.
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Video Conferencing
A conference held between a number of people in different geographic locations. Each has a PC with a video camera attached. Each person is recorded on the camera & the image is played back on the other PC's by a video conferencing application program.
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Video Streaming
The delivery of video files from a server to a web browser in a continuous stream of small packets rather than one large file.
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A computer virus is a computer program that infects other computer programs and reproduces itself without the knowledge of the PC user. A virus may be destructive, and should never be ignored.
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Wide Area Network. A telecommunications network covering a large geographical distances, which are provided by common carriers that are licensed by national governments. Usually carried on leased long-distance lines, WAN can connect computer systems across different cities or different regions of the world.
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Web Page
A WWW document designed to be displayed by a browser. Written in a tagging language called HTML, a web page often contains text, pictures, as well as links to other web pages or Internet resources.
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The person who is responsible for looking after a particular Web Site.
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Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Now the worlds most popular operating systems, Windows, a multitasking Graphical User Interface (GUI), was developed by Microsoft. Windows 95, 98 and ME are operating systems designed for the home user, NT for business application. The latest operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 2000, a business oriented operating system. In October 2001 Windows XP, the next generation operating system, was released in both home user and business versions, and is set to radically change the industry.
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World Wide Web
World Wide Web. A collection of formatted graphic/hypermedia documents written in HTML located on computers around the world and networked together by the Internet.
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