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article What does a DNS (Domain Name Server) do?
The DNS ensures that data, which is sent to a...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1169   
article What is an IP (Internet Protocol) address?
Domain Names correspond to a series of numbers...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1143   
article How do I setup domains with dedicated IP addresses?
Your domains that you setup in your WHM are by...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1374   
article How do I change my billing information?
To change billing information login to your...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1154   
article What is a virtual domain?
Virtual Domain means having your own domain...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1385   
article What do I need in order to register a Domain Name?
In order to register a Domain Name you will...

  8-6-2004    Views: 1225   
article What is a Domain Name?
Your Domain Name or web address signifies your...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1043   
article How to Log on CPanel
 You need to log on in order to use CPanel to...

(No rating)  8-10-2004    Views: 1282   
article Will my name and contact information be publicly available?
All registrars are required to create and...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1141   
article Creating a POP email account in Entoruage (MAC)
 Basic E-mail Configuration

(No rating)  5-30-2005    Views: 1606   
article MailScanner Tutorial
With the MailScanner service you can control...

  1-13-2006    Views: 6470   
article Setting up Remote Mail Servers
Many businesses are beginning to move mail in...

(No rating)  2-20-2005    Views: 2154   
article Accesing your Control Panel
First, to login to your account Control Panel...

  11-21-2004    Views: 2760   
article What is the Primary and Secondary server?
The two host computers on which your Domain...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1054   
article What is web hosting?
Every web address must reside on a host...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1014   
article Can I access my web site with or without the "www"?
Yes, you will be able to access the domain...

  8-6-2004    Views: 1586   
article How long does it take for my account to be set up?
Once payment is received your account will be...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1322   
article How to perform a Traceroute
Perform a Trace RouteA trace route attempts to...

  8-6-2004    Views: 2317   
article I am not sure whether I am a contact for any Domain Names. How do I check?
If you are unsure whether you have been...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1056   
article Who is the Billing Contact?
The person or organization that is invoiced for...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1136   
article How do I change administrative, technical or billing information?
Go to Manage Domains and login to your account...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1187   
article Who is the Technical Contact?
The person or organization that makes technical...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1042   
article Why do my Domain Name contacts need to become members?
The domain contacts need to become members to...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1270   
article Troubleshooting - Mail Settings
Troubleshoot your mail server settingsDue to...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1691   
article Who is the Administrative Contact?
This person is authorized to make decisions on...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1161   
article Who is the owner of a Domain Name?
The legal owner of a Domain Name is the...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1075   
article Blocking IP Addresses
If you need to block an IP address from...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1125   
article How do I change the email addresses for my Domain Name contacts?
If the email addresses associated to the...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1469   
article Pegasus Mail
Pegasus Mail1. Go to 'tools' the

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1039   
article What are my mail settings?
Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.comOutgoing (SMTP)...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1793   
article Publishing with Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver connects with a basic FTP program....

(No rating)  8-11-2004    Views: 1242   
article Who are the contacts for a Domain Name?
When you register a Domain Name you are...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1164   
article Installing your Cpanel SSL Digital Certificate
 1) In the first box you will need to paste...

(No rating)  5-13-2005    Views: 1264   
article Netscape Mail
Netscape MailTo set up a mail account with an...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1223   
article Microsoft Outlook Express

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 2150   
article Creating an IMAP email account in Entoruage (MAC)
 How to Configure an IMAP Account

(No rating)  5-30-2005    Views: 1864   
article What is a DNS (Domain Name Server)?
A DNS or Domain Name Server is an integral part...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1087   
article How to create POP email accounts in CPanel
Your Default Email Account Your default email...

  11-21-2004    Views: 1665   
article MailScanner FAQ'a
This list of Frequently Asked Questions is...

(No rating)  1-13-2006    Views: 3123   
article What is the purpose of the Member ID lookup?
Member ID lookup will perform a lookup on all...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1027   
article Troubleshooting Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc90
Troubleshooting Outlook Express Error...

  11-21-2004    Views: 34592   
article The mystery of Domain Propagation
A lot of support requests that we receive at...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1215   
article Create a CSR for SSL Certificates
1) Enter the WebHost

(No rating)  5-13-2005    Views: 1370   
article Who is ICAAN?
Formed in October 1998, the Internet...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1164   
article I lost my setup email, how can I get the welcome email sent to me?
If you have lost your hosting or reseller...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1932   
article What is a domain name and how do I get one?
A domain name is the web address or URL that...

(No rating)  8-6-2004    Views: 1132   
article Eudora Mail
Eudora Mail 1. In Eudora, go to the Tools men

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1045   
article Why do I need to register a Domain Name?
You should register a Domain Name for a number...

  8-6-2004    Views: 2573   
article HELP I can't access my Control Panel
To access your Control Panel - Make sure that...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 2283   
article Troubleshooting Outlook Express Error 0x800CCC92
Troubleshooting Outlook Express Error...

  11-21-2004    Views: 19564   
article My site seems slow or just stops. Why is that?
There are a variety of factors that can...

  8-6-2004    Views: 4052   
article How to setupthe Mailman software
Creating a new listLogin into CPanel

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 1202   
article Setting up cPanel email accounts to work with Google Mail and iPhone
How do you set up cPanel email accounts to work...

  4-1-2010    Views: 21313   
article How to access your site via FTP
All of your files and subdirectories go into...

(No rating)  11-21-2004    Views: 2792   

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